Book announcement!

Hello, beautiful creatures! A couple of news items of note. First up, the wild migratory Misha will be presenting at two events coming up, so if you’re on site, come say hi! I’ll be the slightly dazed-looking person wearing blue-rimmed glasses and a silly, occult-themed t-shirt. ^_^

And now, the big announcement. If you’ve been following me for more than a minute or two, you’re probably aware that I’ve written a book. Well, dear ones, I’ve been given clearance to announce the title and share the cover:

Outside the Charmed Circle: Exploring Gender and Sexuality in Magical Practice

I’ve said before that people familiar with my blog would be entirely unsurprised by the subject of the book, and I think I’ve kept that promise. While blog readers will find some familiar themes and passages, this book isn’t a collection of blog posts. On the contrary, it’s a space where I was able to take some ideas from the blog and expand on them at greater length and in greater detail, all supporting the overarching themes of the book: that queer people have every right to a seat at the table of Paganism, polytheism, and magical practice, because magic and devotional polytheism are both inherently queer.

What do I mean by that? Read the book and find out. ^_^

As you might note from the cover, the foreword for Outside the Charmed Circle was written by the redoubtable Michelle Belanger. I just got a copy of the foreword from my editor, and was honestly brought to tears several times in the course of reading it. Michelle gets my book, to a profound and touching degree, and her foreword itself is easily worth the price of admission.

Of course, I think the rest of the book is worth your time, too.

Outside the Charmed Circle will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide in January 2020. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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